Combo classes are 90 min. and go by 8 week semesters, while 60 min. classes go by a 4 week semester for adults and 12 week semester for children. Payment is due on the first class of each semester. Annual member fee is $40 per person.
*Student members are entitled to discounts on all dance school products and open dance sessions.

Tuition schedule for Hip Hop, House,Tumb/Dance
Ages 4 through Teens
1 x a week (12 week semester) 60 min     $155.00
1 x a week (8 class semester)120 min      $144.00
2 x a week(16 class semester)60 + 120m  $205.00
Tuition schedule for Adults (18 yrs+)
1 x a week (4 class semester) 60min          $52.50
2 x a week (8 class semester) 60 min     $83.75
3 x a week (12 class semester) 60 min   $115.00

  • Other rates for Hip Hop, House, Tumbling, etc

CLASS CARDS are also available for added convenience.
6 classes       $80 (valid for 60 days)
10 classes   $135 (valid for 90 days)
14 classes   $155 (valid for 90 days)
walk in rate(per class) 60 min $15
walk in rate(per class) 120 min $20
Annual member fee $40
Private sessions
30 min $25
45 min $40
60 min $50
Privates are available for dance, capoeira, tumbling, cheer, etc. Scheduling depends upon availability of instructor and may be subject to change depending on schedule.
*Discounts available for private sessions booked for 2 or more sessions a week for an ongoing period of time, call for more info.

Choreography session starts from $75 an hour
or depending on service.
Choreography timed routines prices vary-call for more info
Dance performance/showcase prices vary-call for more info
Music/Editing starting from $45
*We do not prorate tuition for missed classes although they can be made up within 30 days in other classes depending on space, but must be currently enrolled. Please call to notify of missing class and scheduling of make ups. If going on vacation for an extended period of time, other arrangements may be possible for make ups or reserving your space in class.