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–House Dance Hawaii Contest–

Part 2 of the second annual HDH contest held at Soulgasm where 12 people competed in an individual freestyle House contest. BIG UPS to all those who entered and come out to support Soulgasm. Congratulations to the winner and runner ups!! Mahalo goes to A2Zing and Bobby Mileage clothing and Brooklyn Bomber for sponsoring our event!

Part I of II of the 2010 House Dance Hawaii contest held at Soulgasm. BIG UPS to the 12 people who competed in the individual freestyle House contest!

Scores were very close amongst the competitors and we were inspired to give out honorable mentions to the 4 runner ups and of course the winner. Congratulations to you all and thank you goes to A2Zing talent and Bobby Mileage clothing and Brooklyn Bomber for sponsoring our contest!!

–Soulgasm X Culture in Hawaii!!–

Soulgasm Hawaii meets Culture Japan in Honolulu!
featuring guests Brooklyn Terry, Bobby Mileage, Oveous Maximus, DJ DZ and Laura Estrada!! Plus local slam champs TravisT, Sterling Higa, 2X World Champ-as seen on HBO, Jocelyn Ng, artists Grant, Grim, Alterreign Vehicle, Feijao, and Prime. On the decks, Matt Kee, BumbleBee, Kentaro. Live art, poetry, dance, music, and fashion!!
Brought to you by Housing Project 360, Brooklyn Terry and United Djs.

This is just a teaser for what’s to come.
footage taken from Bobby and Terry’s past appearances and shows.

music near end-Oveous Maximus, “I apologize”


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  1. hu says:


    I’m interested in learning. How do I sign up? There’s not contact whatsoever on this site and there’s no address. i don’t know if this studio is far from my home or not. Can do let me know . T hank you

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